30 More Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download

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April 21st, 20110 »

30 More Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download

It has taken me almost an entire year to compile, but I have finally created a followup entry to the original “30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download” Article. The original was the most popular article I have ever posted on this blog receiving well over 500,000 unique views – fueled by twitter referrals and stumble upon. I believe that this collection is even better than the first so please enjoy these links from some of the web’s most well respected authors.

Free eBooks  Manifestos

Get a Design Job! – AIGA  IDSA

Taking Your Talent to the Web – Jeffery Zeldman

279 Days to Overnight Success – Chris Guillebeau

The Vignelli Cannon – Massimo Vignelli

The Bootstrapper’s Bible – Seth Godin

Testify: How Remarkable Organizations are Creating Customer Evangelists – Ben McConnell Jackie Huba

The Design Funnel: A Manifesto for Meaningful Design – Stephen Hay

A Call to Arms: Twelve Proclamations of a Win Without Pitching Agency

Ten Tests of Your Positioning


Icon Design – Jon Hicks

Design Control – Khoi Vinh

Writing Maintainable CSS – Natalie Downe

Improving Interface Design – Garrett Dimon

Close Your Browser: Finding Inspiration In The Offline World I Care Because You Do – Elliot Jay Stocks

Pixel Pushing a Guide to Icon Design – Jon Hicks

Interaction Design for Web Designers – Eris Stassi Jina Bolton

Wireframes for the Wicked – Nick Finck

The Importance of Beauty in Absolutely Everything – Elliot Jay Stocks

Resource Sheets PDF Magazines

Typography Keyboard Layout – Smashing Magazine

Font Magazine

Online Graph Paper Collections (Dot, Cross, Grid, Perspective)

Copyright Explained: I May Copy It Right? (2nd in list) – Smashing Magazine

Tutorials Brand Books

How to Write a WordPress Plugin – DevLounge

Creative Solutions PDF Tutorials

Skype Brand Book

Illustrator CS4 How-To Guide – Von. R. Glitschka

Web Typography

Better CSS Font Stacks – Nathan Ford

Add Windows Vista Fonts to Your Stylesheets – Christian Montoya

SxSW Typography Panel

Web Typography Sucks SxSW 2007